Social Media over Coffee

Hosted ByMJ Tapia

A podcast to help Digital Entrepreneurs use Social Media for business.

Discover simplified Social Media strategies that can help you build strong online presence and craft content that captivates and convert your dream customers.

I’m MJ Tapia, I’m A Content Strategist, Founder of Social Media Marketing Ph and Content Curators and I empower Newbie  Digital Entrepreneurs and Coaches to consistently show up on Social Media and help them believe in the impossible.

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2: Episode 2 : Contents Strategy for Facebook

Discover How You Can Have A Winning Content Strategy and Content Planning even If you are a Newbie and a Super Busy Entrepreneur.

1: 5 things that I have learned in Social Media Marketing

In this episode, Social Marketers and Digital Entrepreneurs will be able to discover the top 5 things or strategies that they need to learn in order to build a strong social media presence specifically- Facebook . It also includes some tips on how to make