Love,Growth and Freedom

Hosted ByAdrian Lim Duarte

A podcast that talks about the twists and turns of life and how all things are intertwined by love, growth and freedom!

A podcast that talks about the twists and turns of life and how all things are intertwined by love, growth and freedom!

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6: Why do we have to thank the strangers we meet? |With Roma Miclat

In our lives we meet people as we grow up, the cycle goes from strangers then to friends or acquaintances if we’re lucky enough lifelong companions in our lives. You know the thin line between strangers and the people you have in your life? Is the chance

9: Thank you, Friends With Trisha Bustamante

Growing up we are surrounded with different people that all were strangers from the start that became huge parts of our lives. These friends we’ve got growing up has been with us through thick and thin and in this episode Trisha Bustamante and I go rumina

5: The lessons we learned in 2020|With Rubina Bernabe

Let’s face it, 2020 was a mess. A chaotic year filled with unfortunate events. As the saying goes where there is good there is bad and where there is bad there is good. The world suffered this 2020 and coming out of it, the question left is what have we l

4: Being thankful for our family| With Samantha Duarte

We all know how our family and how we all were raised are a big part of who we are. There are countless things that our family has taught us. Our lives after we were born were already being set up by our parents. Having hopes and dreams for us and paving

3: How Gratitude changes people

Talking about gratitude and how it could bring us good and change our lives. In this episode we dive deeper in the other wonders of gratitude while I share some of the things that brought the storm to my life but I’m grateful for. There are things that wo

2: How to practice Gratitude: A guide on being grateful

On this second episode we talk about some concrete ways we could cultivate the spirit of gratitude. Sharing some experiences that changed my perspective on a lot of things. The process of learning to be grateful for most of the things we have in life will

1: The benefits of Gratitude and why is it important?

This episode will be talking about the benefits of gratitude and the things that it could teach us. Helping us to reflect on the things that has changed us greatly. Finding the light and the head space to accept the things we can’t change and be grateful

11: The power of opening up to someone

Opening up to someone has always been challenging. The idea of being vulnerable about our emotions and thoughts to someone could be daunting, because of all the preconceived notions and judgements that could come off of it. What I learned is that it is ex

10: How do we move forward?

After talking about various things that make us wonder. To cap this season off this episode talks about how do we move forward. Speaking from experience and the lessons I’ve learned this episode discusses the perspectives that we could have to brace ourse