Love,Growth and Freedom

Hosted ByAdrian Lim Duarte

A podcast that talks about the twists and turns of life and how all things are intertwined by love, growth and freedom!

A podcast that talks about the twists and turns of life and how all things are intertwined by love, growth and freedom!

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5: Maybe you’re not meant to fit in

Growing up we were all told what we should be, how we should act, and what we should want for ourselves. These things as we grow up have jaded our perception of who we truly are and maybe that causes us to think for ourselves as we become adults and we be

4: On developing a healthy sense of self

Life can get shaky and tough, especially when you’re also struggling with your inner voice and thoughts of who you are. That is why it’s important for us to have time to introspect about our lives and what we stand for so we are able to stick by them thro

3: Am I ever enough?

How often do you find yourself questioning your self-worth? There will be times when we are left with our own thoughts and expectations of who we’re supposed to be at certain points in our lives, and it leads us to questions our decisions and how we perce

2: On comparing yourself to others

An episode that deals with understanding why we compare ourselves to others. Often times we are reminded that we have our own paces, that our star will shine bright the moment it is supposed to shine. Even though we all know these truths we can’t avoid co

1: On making sense of things

In this new season join us as we talk about all the conversations and monologues we have with ourselves. Answering the questions that linger at the back of our heads. Making sense of the questions and doubts about ourselves and where we’re headed. Let’s d

8: The new and better you

Experiences like a broken heart and pain can change people. It’s best that we take the time to get to know more about ourselves and the growth that we have undergone. This is essential for us to be able to find and develop healthy relationships with our f

7: The thing about healing

One thing that a lot of people miss out on the idea of healing is the thought of where to start?  Maybe it’s not where but how? In this episode join me in a more relaxed conversation sharing my personal thoughts and experiences about healing.  Listen to h

6: Will we ever heal?

The process of healing from past traumas and hurt could be such a terrifying thing to go through. For some, it may even seem impossible. We have to note that in many levels and aspects our lives are different from each other and the perception and experie

5: How can we forgive?

Forgiveness is something that we all struggle to do, not because we don’t want to forgive, but because it’s sometimes so difficult to process the pain and hurt from experiences like this. Join my good friends and I as we discuss how we could learn how to