Hangout with Makenpau

Hosted ByMakie and Paula

A podcast about stories of their journey as we share with you our experiences, travel adventures, faith, life lessons, and many more.

Hangout with MaKenPau as they talk about stories of their journey, life, relationships, travels and everything else. Get a chance to share your story with them as well.

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3: Controlling Partner

In this episode, we will talk about a controlling partner in a relationship. We will identify some of the common symptoms and a possible way to deal with it.

2: Babaero na Mister at Martyr na Misis

On this episode, one of our “Katmabays” wrote to us about her situation and her womanizer husband. We shared our views and gave some advise on how she should find a possible solution to her problem.

1: Long Lasting Relationship ?

In this pilot episode, your “Katambays” Makie and Paula share some tips to achieve a long-lasting relationship and how-to, not only keep the fire burning but also turn it into flame. They also shared their views of Long Distance Relationship and how to e