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The purpose of the podcast is to to give back and to be of service by way of sharing their God-given skills and talents

5: Transitioning from Employment to Freelancing

In this episode, we have invited Ms. Rachel Jaro, co-founder and CTO of Goally, to discuss how she transitioned from being a web developer to a full-pledged startup owner.

Background on Rachel ✅ Builder and leader of digital companies for 8 years ✅ Freelancer and speaker in PHP User Group Philippines at age 21 ✅ Drupal developer community builder at age 23 ✅ International speaker at age 25 in Drupal conferences in Chicago and San Diego ✅ Featured in Entrepreneur magazine (2012), Central Luzon TV (2016) and CNN Philippines (2019)

Meanwhile, Coach Jendee and Coach Neri also tell their stories of transitioning as corporate employees to self-employed financial advisors / agency managers.

Topics covered: ? Why they decided to leave the corporate world and go into freelancing ? What they did to pursue full-time freelancing ? Advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer (regrets, if any ?) ? Tips to those who want to try freelancing for the first time


4:05 How Rachel entered the freelancing world

10:09 Rachel’s training in the Startup Accelerator Program by Kickstart Ventures

16:59 Why Rachel declined US citizenship to start her own business

20:13 How Rachel “prepared” to transition from employment to full-time freelancing

23:53 Why Jendee resigned from corporate a month after joining the life insurance industry

28:51 How Neri transitioned from corporate to agency manager within 1 year

39:27 Any regrets? Will you change anything you did?

44:16 Are you happy with your decision? What are the pros and cons of your current status? Tips to those who are thinking about jumping into freelancing

Detailed show notes and marks:


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