1: On making sense of things

On making sense of things is an episode discussing the long road map of how I frame my thoughts and perspectives. This episode highlights all the other questions and topics that we’d be discussing throughout this season. This season is exciting because I will try to bring in people of different backgrounds to answer these questions that we usually ask ourselves when self-doubt sneaks in and also when we’re in those situations of having to choose between ourselves or other people. 

This episode will tackle all the other reasons why these questions pop up and how we’re going to try and answer them. I don’t if these questions are what you all ask to yourself but, these are mine. These questions are laid out because this is what I usually cycle through when I think about the general idea of how life is for me and how I perceive the world around me. This is how I try to make sense of things in the world, trying to take myself out of the picture and seeing the grander perspective of this crazy world. 

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