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9: Am I on the right path?

Do you ever catch yourself wondering if you're on the right path? If this is where you're supposed to be and go? I do, I constantly ask myself this...

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23: Episode 23: Life after Sports

Extra Session sits down with former pro league courtside reporter Ms. Jannelle So-Perkins. We get to know how is she doing right now, 17 years after she left the...

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8: On Cancel Culture: Are we all just that?

We often forget that we are humans and that we all make mistakes. In recent events cancel culture has been prevalent and caused tidal waves of change; both good...

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19: Episode 20 : Fillet Tilapia

For this episode, Master Jojo teach us how to make a fillet tilapia Tilapia is a pretty impressive source of protein. In 3.5 ounces (100 grams), it packs 26 grams...

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Our Shows

This growing network of shows provides the listener with a “one stop shop” of online resources for all topics.

Hangout with Makenpau

Hosted ByMakie and Paula
Family & Kids,
Society & Culture,

A podcast about stories of their journey as we share with you our experiences, travel adventures, faith, life lessons, and many more.

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Mommy Diaries

Hosted ByJaemie Quinto
Family & Kids,

This podcast is about talks about stories of moms and alike. Family. Children and Women empowerment, their Struggle, and Success.

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FreshEyes – A Social Impact Podcast

Hosted ByMiko Santos
Society & Culture,

This Podcast aims to bring Audiences good stories to motivate their own social-impact efforts.

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Samu’t Sari

Hosted ByMimi Rjo Laurilla
Family & Kids,
Society & Culture,

This show was born out of the host’s desire to connect with other women who may need “someone to talk to” around every day life’s issues and challenges, from managing career and household, to inner productivity, relationships and other current hot topics.

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Usapang CQ

Hosted ByMalou Talosig-Bartolome
Life and Finance,
Society & Culture,

Usapang CQ is a weekly talk show about the life of OFWs during the time of the pandemic.

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Inside Malacanang

Hosted ByAilee Taliping
News & Politics,

This podcast is about what is happening inside the Philippine's President Palace

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Who We Are

GP Syndicate was founded by Miko Santos  in November 2019 from his solo Podcast FreshEyes.

He realize most Podcast Networks is owned by Big Media Companies. So he asked some of his friends if they interested to make a Audio/Video Podcast Shows.

Be consider as  “Philippine’s Independent Podcast Network”.

Since day one, GP Syndicate has become the destination for people looking for well-produced Social-impact podcasts.



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