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What are the benefits of joining a podcast network?

Joining a podcast network gives you increased visibility, the opportunity to connect with other podcasters within your network, and the potential to bring on advertisers..

Do you want to start a podcast?

We empower producers to do their best work and grow the audience, as part of Syndicate, here’s what you can get from us all for FREE.


With the growth of social media, podcaster reach, and engagement is growing more and more important.

The Syndicate can deliver custom snippets of your content formatted for social media that’s also marketed on our social platforms for an added boost.

Studio Use

Once we get funding to set this up and running. As part of Syndicate, Free use of podcast studio, microphones, camera along with the support of GP production team.


Cross Promotion

Get other podcasters in the Syndicate to promote your show on their show to get a bigger and wider audience.


Increase Exposure

As a part of Syndicate,We will take care of Marketing through our social media platforms with these  comes increased listenership to our show

Production Help

Another perk of being a part of Syndicate is the production assistance you might receive. Such as help in editing of Audio and Video Content.


As we partner with more  agencies, we deliver custom Advertising opportunities to our network members!. 

From the following mediums: Audio Podcast, Video, Website, Social Media.

Other Services

For a Monthly Fee.

You can get this  services plus above

Managing your Show

You record and we do the rest, editing, uploading, promoting and syndicating.

All we need is your title and description to have each show delivered on your preferred schedule.

Podcast Analytics

Got your own podcast analytics from our technical partner which gives you insight into how users are listening to your shows and episodes.

Podcast Hosting

For those wanting unlimited bandwidth and storage, GP Syndicate will host your content that can be accessed across the planet.

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